Zirbe + Health + Design

Brown concrete spiral shape like baked clay. bernstein Blume des Lebens Gold mit Schatten zirbe wave

The Austrian ZirbenHealth Team creates utility articles and artworks from Austrian stone pine, amber, loam, glass and other natural materials for your living, working and recreation areas. All objects are individually manufactured to meet the needs of the people according to Feng Shui principles, so that the person can develop optimally within its living area. We combine our design objects with different colors, unique materials, geometric shapes and symbols. Thus, a harmonious balance can be brought into every room.

The 3 in 1 concept:
Create a healthy basis in your life and bring with our 3in1 implementation concept harmony and balance in your living and working area:
Austrian stone pine beds+Austrian stone pine room air optimizer+Austrian stone pine fitness station = optimal health, harmony und vitality.

Our product range consists of 5 basic models: (pictures will follow)

Zirbenbett3 Zirbenbett2 zirbenbett4 Zirbenbett

  • Austrian stone pine double bed Standard
  • Austrian stone pine double bed Wave
  • Austrian stone pine bed children & youth or single bed Standard
  • Austrian stone pine bed children & youth or single bed Wave
  • Austrian stone pine crib

We humans spend a third of our lives in our beds. Beds can contribute to a better well-being, a healthy and restful sleep and a general health improvement. The  Austrian stone pine as a material for beds is heart-relieving, stress-reducing, anti-bacterial and neutralizes electrosmog. A restful sleep is the basis for a healthy and vigorous life. Our trained team will advise you about a suitable bed for you.
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Room air optimizer – a design artwork with health value








Our residential, office or recreation rooms are often burdened with chemicals, heaters and electrosmog. Austrian stone pine room air optimizer with or without air humidification can  be seen as a counterweight and promote harmony, health and vitality.
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