room air optimizer

ZirbenWave space and energy optimizer; air humidifer

The ZirbenWaver has an beneficial and stress-reducing effect on all people. It neutralizes electrosmog and reliefs the heart.


  Bild3  Foto  Zirbenwaver

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Available in any size and in any form. Can be used as room air optimizer without water and with water as air humidifer.  A design artwork with health value.

individual models:

  • rustic
  • ZirbenWaver
  • design artwork with amber, crystal discs, fossil elements, gold or illumination


ZirbeWaver models:

  • ZirbenWaver small: 40 cm
  • ZirbenWaver medium: 1,50 m
  • ZirbenWaver large: 2,50 m
  • ZirbenWaver XL: from 2,50 m