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Basis: Measurement of the heart rate variability

We believe that nowadays it is very important to measure and control the medical basic parameters within the family, in business, schools, spa hotels, etc. on your own. Heart rate variability measurement devices get more and more important as they indicate within 2 minutes the current stress level and the current regulatory ability of a human system.


These two minutes measurements show burnout tendencies, anxiety disorders, depression, diabetes and incipient heart disease at an early stage.


CM Gerät mit MessungCM Gerät

three models are available:

  • balance for privat individuals
  • medical doctors an therapists
  • 24 hour device






Thanks to these measurement devices, the short and long term positive influence of the Austrian stone pine on the heart rate variability and the health status could be proved.


benefits of the CM-heart rate variability measurements:

Heart rate variability measurements can be conducted within 2 minutes at any time and any place. Based on an electrocardiogram the mobile event recorder simultaneously measures heart rate and heart rate variability and warns of overloads. Vocational pressure, stress and private turbulence may cause that our hearts get out of kilter and our nerves strike. Therefore, it is important to recognize physical signals in time and understand them properly.

CM-heart rate variability measurement devices are also used in combination with diabetes mellitus, chronical dialysys or psychiatric and neurological disorders.


Further Energy for Life products:

Now you can recharge your batteries anywhere. With the new mobile power stations you support your immune system, speed up your recovery and recharge energy in a simple way.

alpha wave hut                              epad                              epadsport

Alpha Wave hat                                                 Epad Relax                                                          Epad Sport


Alpha Wave hat: Relax always and anywhere with the 8Hz Alpha Waves

Epad Relax: Muscle relaxation, activation of the immune system, energy production, helps to relieve inflammations and stimulates the blood circulation. It can be used always and anywhere.

Epad Sport: Dissolves energy blockages and supports a fast, easy and mobile regeneration after sport and burdens.


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We recommend and sell the heart rate variability measurement devices incl. explanation of the three models.